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5 Things To Consider When Project Planning

Tuesday 17th Apr 2018

1. Define The Project

Simple yet powerful; what is looking to be achieved? If you’re looking to knock down an internal wall for “more space in the room”, what else could be done to achieve the project of “more space in the room”? If you’re prepared to get the dustsheets out, re-plaster, paint and decorate, how about considering other elements to really achieve “more space in the room”.

2. Work Backwards + Set Deadlines

Realism is crucial when it comes to projects. It would be wonderful if projects could be completed by next week though this misjudgement leads to stress, unhappiness and lots of other worries. At London Wells, we tell you a realistic deadline considering all the small parts – delivery of items, drying time, booking in workmen, processes, legalities, health and safety checks. Oh, if it was more than just “knocking a wall down…”


3. Every Small Change Has A Big Impact

Having a project planner in place takes the stress and woes away. Managing every small change, every large change and all in-between. They are responsible for ensuring the project is completed on time and the team are kept well informed. Here at London Wells, we pride ourselves on our project management skills – we get the job done on time and take the worries away.

4. Communication & Network

For any project that involves multiple team members, communication routines are important. Will someone be reporting progress weekly? Monthly? Will there be a recurring call for all parties to check in? Who is responsible for checking on whether the project is meeting its milestones? At London Wells, we establish communication routines and… should anything change last-minute, the power of our established network of tradesmen and suppliers ensures your project carries on running smoothly.

5. Predict The Unpredictable

Due to work outside and it is raining? That day can be saved if you’ve prepared work that can be done inside instead. It’s a small thing, though through all our years at London Wells we plan for every potential change.