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Interior Design; Is It Important?

Saturday 24th Mar 2018

Interior Design London Wells

The question of interior design can be a very conversational topic; do we, don’t we, what exactly is it?

Interior design is the appearance of the property within. Colours on the walls (whether paint or wallpaper), flooring, lighting, furniture and finishing’s all fall within interior design.

When spending time and investment re-doing your property, the interior should always be considered. The overall space, comfort and atmosphere becomes a make-or-break situation with interior design.

Space Saver

Interior design can offer smart solutions and have such a big impact to your property. Need that extra space? Thought about making the space under your stairs into cupboards, or putting your TV on the wall to enable you to get rid of the carpet. At London Wells, we look at what it is you want to achieve, and can advise based on your property and budget.


Comfort & Warmth

In your home, you will want certain furnishings to feel comfortable. Having a sofa is great, not if it takes up half the room, blocks the light from the window and you have to squeeze around the side of it to get in. Small changes to furnishings and adjustments of placing can work wonders.


Long Term Gains

Do you re-tile the bathroom or make a wet-room? The upkeep of the interior of the property can be influenced by the design. Some wallpaper will easily wear and tear, some paint fade and need freshening up. All these things have to be considered when it comes to your property. Design the property for you lifestyle and your family – cream carpets and walls may not be ideal for a large, young family, for example.