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How To Find The Perfect Paint Colour Using Our Kourasanit Rainbow

Monday 8th Jul 2019

Who doesn’t love colour? If you’re after something different to the more muted greys and whites that have been popular of late, then perhaps now is the time to inject some colour back into your life with Kourasanit.

This month we want to introduce you to the 300+ colours, Kourasanit can achieve. We’re calling this the Kourasanit rainbow (we’ve six colours to talk about in this blog though).


Why Is Colour Important?

We all know that the best part of having your own space is the freedom to add your personality to your home. Adding colour can be one of the easiest and most impactful ways of celebrating your unique style.   

Am I Limited With Colours?

One of the most challenging and fun parts of the process is finding the right colour. When faced with row upon row of paint options, it can be quite daunting. Luckily, Kourasanit paint is the answer. Kourasanit is a natural material that can be used as a plaster or as natural paint. With over 300 hundred colours and finishes to choose from, you’ll have enough options to find the perfect shade.

So, what are the colour options with Kourasanit, and how is the rainbow going to help you discover the right colour for you? Read on, and you’ll find out.

The 6 Colours Of The Kourasanit Rainbow


Blue always seems to be a popular choice in homes but with so many shades of blue, how does one decide? Light blue is a beautiful way to add an element of calm and tranquillity to your home, but If you’re looking for some inspiration, then a bolder or darker blue can provide a sense of clarity and can empower you to make crucial decisions.



A colour which exudes confidence. Painting a wall or room orange can nurture self-expression and be less self-conscious. If you’re intrigued about using orange, but you’re worried about making such a strong statement, there are shades of orange such as terracotta or burnt orange which are easier to incorporate into a home.

© 2019 Koursasanit

© 2019 Koursasanit

© 2019 Koursasanit

© 2019 Koursasanit


Green is most often associated with nature and new life; it is said to promote healing and balance. If you lead a busy lifestyle and are always on the go, then green could be the perfect colour to help encourage well-being.



The colour of passion and fearlessness. Red is a colour that awakens the senses. If you want your home to be somewhere that inspires you to be more self-confident, then red is a great choice. Much like orange, red can be quite a commitment, so a more muted tone of red could strike the right balance.

© 2019 Koursasanit

© 2019 Koursasanit

© 2019 Koursasanit

© 2019 Koursasanit


Purple is a colour that signifies spirituality and can give you a fresh perspective on the world and the circumstances in your life. Use Purple to help restore balance and clarity in your life. If this is what you’re after, then a light purple could be the way to go.





Encourage creativity and your mental prowess with a splash on yellow. Besides being bright and sunny, yellow also increases focus and helps with motivation. If you work from home or you have an office in your home, this could be the colour for you.

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© 2019 Koursasanit

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© 2019 Koursasanit

Whatever colour you decide to go for, don’t forget, it’s all about turning your house into your technicolour dream home. It’s your little corner of the world to make your own.

If you’d like to see what colours can be achieved with Kourasanit, you can visit our 2 bedroom show house in Crowborough, Kent between 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Let us know you are coming by calling our director, Will Gemmel, directly on 07568 48 55 32.