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Find Your Perfect Nature Inspired KOURASANIT Shade

Thursday 15th Aug 2019

The Colours of Nature

“There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against the other.”

Edouard Manet

Where would we be without all the colours of nature? The natural world is a cacophony of colours. Without colour, the world wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful, vivid or as fascinating as it is. 

Last month we discussed colour. This month, we have been inspired by the colours of nature, to delve further and talk about the different shades that are available with KOURASANIT paint. With over 300 shades to pick from, there’s bound to be several shades that you’ll love.


KOURASANIT offers natural paints, made from a combination of natural materials with a hydrated lime base. They are environmentally friendly and durable, meaning your colours will stay vibrant without fading. 

Light Shades

Neutral tones are often the palette of choice in many homes. KOURASANIT paint has a variety of cool-toned whites, greys and blues. Light shades are ideal for those who love the calming effect and crisp finish that lighter shades offer. 


Warm Tones 

If you love warm Mediterranean hues that remind you of summer days and holidays abroad, then KOURASANIT has the perfect range of shades. From terracotta reds, oranges, sunny yellows and light greens, KOURASANIT paint is the ideal way to incorporate warm earthy tones into your home. 

Dark Shades

Darker shades have seen a rise in popularity over the past couple of years. Rich hues are a great way to make a statement in your home. KOURASANIT, paint has several dark shades that would add a touch of drama to any home. If you’re considering a dark colour for your home, then why not think about introducing graphite, forest green, deep purple or dark blue to your indoor space?



Whether you love a calm tone or go wild for warm and dark shades, we hope that KOURASANIT paint can spark some ideas for your next home colours. 

London Wells is the exclusive UK supplier of KOURASANIT products. To find out more about the benefits of KOURASANIT paints contact us online or call us on 07568 48 55 32 to speak to us.