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4 Improvements That Will Keep Your Home Toasty And Warm Over Winter

Saturday 16th Nov 2019

As the cold sets in, we’re all starting to think about keeping our homes warm.

Maintaining a warm home over winter can improve comfort levels, help prevent seasonal health problems, and can even protect your home from damp.

Here we present you with our guide to home improvements that can help keep your home warm over winter.

1. New Windows and doors

Installing new windows and doors can be an effective way to keep the heat inside your home. There are lots of window and door options that stop heat from escaping. In turn, this could lead to cheaper energy bills.

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As well as being a practical home improvement, new windows and doors can change the aesthetic of your home. We challenge you to look at your windows and doors – are they keeping the heat in, or letting it out?

2. Fireplace

For many people, there is nothing that could make a home feel more cosy and festive than a roaring fire. Installing a fireplace or a renovating your existing fireplace is a great way to heat your home while creating a statement.

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Materials such as KOURASANIT, a decorative plaster and finishing material, can be applied to fireplaces to create a contemporary and eye-catching feature. Want to see an example? Our showhouse can help.

3. Insulation

Heat can escape from properties when they are not thoroughly insulated. Thermal insulation works by reducing the amount of heat that is lost. By ensuring that minimal heat escapes, insulation can help to keep your home energy efficient. As wells as ensuring that heat is not lost, insulation can also help keep noise in our out of your property or specific rooms. Every penny counts!

4. Underfloor heating

What could be cosier than walking on a heated floor during winter? Underfloor heating is an effective way of heating your home. It is discreet and distributes heat evenly around your home. By removing the need for wall-mounted radiators, it has the added benefit of being space-saving. By saving wall space, it gives you more room for shelves, art and furniture.


These are just a few ways that London Wells can help when it comes to heating your home.

London Wells is a construction company that offers full building and renovation services. We can advise you all the different options available for heating your home, as well as options that could help save energy.

For further advice about insulating and heating your home, please get in touch.

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